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    Post  uhsteve on Sat Feb 14, 2009 9:43 am

    ive been thinkiing since the patch are basicly too strong they should have some sort of power decreasement ability to temporarily lower their power to a persons to give a fair battle. Also make oracle bells have the ability to call for help.
    Each patch rank person 1-10 1 being the leader has a automatic set Spirit and OS like if you are 10 you automaticly have a snake os. 9 having a spider with the power to convert the entire body to a spider and your hand to a spider web shhooter. they also had the power to sense stats.Add a patch house where we meet at like the patch in the show and manga could go and view the battles and participants.
    Also add ranked spirits that can be given to byond members if we decide to do it or if we make a RP server could be earned from a profile and be set as your spirit decended from the main characters like Amidamaru or Bason or Morphine
    Animal spirits would have to be 1 icon depending on what kind of medium used.
    Add hell and the Afterlife too.You can be killed and be sent to hell where you can train easier since the rule of furyoku is more danger of life the greater furyoku so death would be a large increase.And you can risk your life even more by fighting demons and yokais like yoh did in the manga. if you add the 5 elemental spirits make it ONLY 5 availible cause i dont wanna see anyone with a overpowered spirit with the power to consume spirits.If you keep Techniques like leaf spirit attacks make it you get 1 master so you wont go to family to family asking for techniques and then have overpowered noobs.Faust would be a boneyard sorcerer so you would have to be born evil and buy a skull in order to learn from him his resureection and healing spells.
    Btw dont make it so easy to come back it wouldnt make it fun.....
    Make it also you cant learn certain techniques if you die a amount of times. l8ter ill post some techniques but for now this is all

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    patch and animal spirits by Hiaku Empty Re: patch and animal spirits by Hiaku

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