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    Any help i can Empty Any help i can

    Post  Meito on Mon Feb 09, 2009 7:19 pm

    1 Meito that will never change i will always be Meito in any game i play no matter what

    2 My Key is Meito15

    3. Im 15

    4 My real name is Jordan Watson

    5 i like games music wrestling basketball hanging with my friends and my gf

    6 i was master admin on bleach souls of darkness (very popular game) i was co owner on bleach dragons rage i was admin on naruto dimsions (game didnt last lol) i Also have 3 games of my own there called bleach divine judgement naruto last hope and forsaken death note

    7 any thing would be great i just want to be able to help

    8 well im good at helping plp and i usally get along with everyone i got no problem haveing fun im really good at advertising and well im just fun to be around lol and im well known (good & bad lol)


    10 If a friend was asking gay guestions well i would ask someone above me if it was ok first but if they say no well my friend is just out of luck

    11 Problems with other admin well i would come to this fourm and write about it to the owner and if the owner dosent care i will just argue with the guy seeing is how i cant do nonthing else lol

    12 If some real noob came on depending on how strong i was i would probably tell them both to shut up and then kill them both (i mean nothing says shut up like a good killing lol) if that dont work i would just ignore them till they get tired of aruging

    13 i can play for a long time i got one more year in school so on the week days i can be on in the morining i can be on from 5:30 till 6:30 and in the afternoon i can be on all day till i get tired and go to sleep lol which is from 4:00 till about 12 or 1:00 on weekends i can be up here all day all night when never u need me lol

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